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What is non-identifying information?

Non-identifying information is information in the adoption file that can legally be provided to any member of the adoption triad. This information will not infringe upon the anonymity and confidentiality of the birth parents, adoptive family or adopted child. It may include family background, hobbies, education and physical descriptions.

Why can’t you share name information?

Any information which could deny anonymity and confidentiality is considered identifying information. It is against Pennsylvania laws for agencies to release this type of information. After the search is complete, and both parties mutually agree, they may choose to disclose their own identifying information in person. Identifying information can include names, last known addresses, hospitals and schools.

What if I only want medical information?

The adoption file only contains medical information received at the time of the adoption. It is usually very brief. Any medical information on file is provided as part of the non-identifying information. The only way to obtain an updated medical history is to search for the birth parents and ask if they are willing to share their family’s medical history.

How long does the process take?

This can vary widely. Some birth parents are still at the same address or very close by, which makes them easier to find. Others have traveled the world and changed their names multiple times, which makes them harder to find.

What are the fees?

Non-identifying information summary: $150.00
Search for birth parent(s): $150.00
Search for biological child: $300.00

Why is there a fee to obtain my adoption information?

Search and Reunion services are a professional service offered by a trained Social Worker, so just like any other professional service, there is a fee. The fees cover the time and resources required to review your adoption file and provide you with copies of what you are entitled to, meet with you to discuss your request, attempt to locate your birth parents.

Is my fee refundable if you do not find my birth parents?

No, unfortunately not. We do make every effort to locate your birth parents so, the fees cover the time we spend searching for them. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to locate your birth parents, that they will be living, or that they will be open to contact with you.