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Adoption costs can be confusing because they vary by type of adoption and by state. For example, foster care adoption is a very low-cost type of adoption in most states. Typically, international and domestic infant adoption ranges between $20,000 and $40,000, and are dependent on many factors.

We can help you figure out the costs for your particular circumstances. Contact us at 215-587-3590 or In addition, the following resources can help reduce the expenses involved:

ADOPTION GRANTS is a national nonprofit financial assistance program that provides qualified couples and individuals with grants toward their adoption expenses.


The National Adoption Foundation offers loans, a charitable ‘bonus’ annuity investment program, and life insurance programs.

The National Council for Adoption offers a loan program to assist families. When a family obtains a loan through the program, adoption costs can be paid through a line of credit.


The federal government and several states offer tax credits that can benefit parents of adopted children. A tax credit is an amount deducted from taxes you owe, as opposed to a tax deduction which reduces the amount of income on which your taxes are calculated. A tax advisor can give you information about the availability of state or federal tax credits, and how they they can benefit you.


Check with your employer about adoption benefits that may be offered through your workplace.

If you are an active duty personnel in the military, you can qualify for grants and subsidies toward adoption.