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1) Do you have a support system (e.g., children, parents, spouse, siblings, church)?

2) Are you prepared to find out that your family member may be deceased, incarcerated, mentally ill, or that they do not wish to have contact with you?

3) If you are the birth parent, and your child does not wish to have contact, would you be willing to have medical information shared with them?

4) How does your current family feel about your search?

5) Have you thought about how the adoptee would fit into your family should we find them?

6) Would you be willing to correspond first and then have a meeting?

7) This could be a lengthy process; it could take a few weeks or many months. Are you prepared to wait for any response?

Remember, we respect the privacy of all parties involved, therefore we will not release any information about the adoptee without their knowledge and consent.